Broken Cloud Press
Limited Edition Artist Book 2012
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Asterion is an exploration of translation and the disintegration of language. Working from an excerpt from the short story The House of Asterion by Jorge Luis Borges, I translated the original Spanish text to English using an online translating tool. I then took the translated English and returned it to Spanish and vice versa, until the English and Spanish translated directly—resulting in nonsensical vocabulary and grammar. I catalogued the process and printed my documentation, which echoes Borges’s themes of infinite repetition, labyrinths, and dead ends. The text repeats fourteen times (as Asterion equates fourteen with infinity) throughout a case-bound book. On the reverse pages, I have printed a subtle, barely decipherable pattern of the QR codes for the online sites that I used to translate the text, rendering the codes useless, and therefore, dead ends.


Letterpress printed, case-bound book. 5.125 x 5.125 x .125 inches. 2012.