Broken Cloud Press
Limited Edition Artist Book 2016
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The ability gifted to us by new technology and social media to see and follow the real-time experiences of countless others (friends, family, and strangers) can cause fear and anxiety that we are not living our own lives to the fullest. We have the vague perception that there is something else we should be doing and somewhere else we should be in order for our lives to be as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. This phenomenon, coined FoMO (Fear of Missing Out), is nearly impossible to avoid in our digital lives. I find that I am most susceptible to FoMO when reading posts and viewing photos of faraway places, unexplored cities, and exotic sunsets on travel blogs and social media. My wanderlust is triggered, and even though I know better—even though I am lucky to make my home in a beautiful, vibrant place—I have the feeling that I’d be having more meaningful experiences—if only I were elsewhere.