Broken Cloud Press
Series, 2019

Betwixt and between: not one, nor the other. Be it moving between analog and digital or an artist trading places with her digital collaborator, floating is central to this work. Not to be mistaken for happenstance or chance, process is the cornerstone of LIMINAL betwixt/between. Repetition, iteration, procedural generation. Formulaic and constraint-based art created by the same methodology used to develop algorithms. The series begins with selected text produced by the Twitter bot @poem_exe, letterpress printed and bound in a book, displayed alongside the bot’s live, generative text. Suminagashi prints created from a formulaic process directly relating to the structure of the poems were pulled from ink floating on the surface of water, serving as a visual recreation of the poem. The prints were digitized by the online remnants of the Twitter bot @pixelsorter, a casualty of the great bot massacre of 2018. Elements of the analog and digital prints were combined in a folio of 33 chine colle prints. Traditional book form is further broken when moved to acrylic installation. Finally poems become cymatic projection, derived from the vocal frequencies in recorded poetry readings. The repetitious transition of creative energy is exchanged back and forth between human and algorithm. Tangible to intangible. Text becomes image. Pixel becomes print. This series is the documentation of the experience of artificial intelligence becoming the creator instead of the created.

unique artist book, collection of prints, acrylic installation, projection