Broken Cloud Press
Limited Edition Artist Book 2014


Misogyny in Western culture is an old story—it can be traced back to perhaps the most influential text in Western civilization: the Bible. Today, it is discussed with buzzwords such as “rape culture” and “sexual entitlement” and has flourished on social media platforms where hatred toward women is often discussed casually.

This work compares biblical passages to tweets from the #YesAllWomen hashtag: a social media campaign sparked by Elliot Rodger’s 2014 Isla Vista killing spree. When the selected biblical passages and tweets are placed side-by-side, it becomes clear that the attitude of misogyny is still projected today.

As we passively scroll through our news feeds, complacency is easy. This work, however, requires the viewer to take an active role, bearing witness to the story by manipulating a tiny slide projector. Each slide correlates to a book page and reveals a female face overlying a location in which I or other women have felt uncomfortable or threatened due to our gender.


Book board, book cloth, magnets, miniature battery-operated slide projector, archival digital printing on French Paper. 3.65 x 8 x 2.75 inches. 2014.