Thank You, Borges

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The writing of Jorge Luis Borges has been a huge source of inspiration for me since I started making artist books. My interests in translation and non-linear narrative are always sparked when I read his stories or essays. Recently I found myself stumped on a new project, and I turned to The Garden of Forking Paths. And pretty much immediately, I was able to move forward with fresh ideas. I hope I continue to draw inspiration from Borges—it’s so rare to find a consistent source of creative drive. I was reminded of a book I made years ago, based on The House of Asterion. It consists of layers of translation on top of imperfect translation—and some of the tiniest type I’ve ever worked with (the vendor who made the photopolymer plates wasn’t sure the type size would print clearly, but the plates turned out beautifully in the end). In the early stages, that project had me stumped also. But now it’s one of my favorite books. I’m hoping I have similar results with this new work. Thank you, Borges.

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